[ALL] Shopaholic Event (Beta Version)

ALL SERVERS EVENT 2020-02-20 15:00:00


  Introducing the new system for shopaholic. Shopaholic Girl is at your service! She ready to help you find the item you want within a few seconds!

  Available for all servers - Valhalla and Yggdrasil  

  • Event starts on: February 20, 2020 (After the Maintenance)
  • Event ends on: March 18, 2020 (Before the Maintenance)

  • Enjoy Shopping with your assistance Shopaholic Girl. She's here to help you find the items you want at a reasonable price and also the shop's location to buy them. 
  • Moreover, you can also promote your shop by telling Shopaholic Girl to announce your broadcast! (Broadcast will show only at Prontera)           
  • NPC "Shopaholic Girl" is standing at Prontera (Coordinate 164, 125) within the event period.


In this Beta Version, service cost is 5,000 zeny per
1-time searching and 10,000 zeny for broadcast service.

*Search item fees and broadcast service fees might have changed in the future.

This system still on the Beta Test Version, if your response to this system
is in a good direction, we will consider permanently activating
the Shopaholic system next week after the event ends.



  • Tak to NPC "Shopaholic Girl" at Prontera (Coordinate 164, 125)


  • To seach the item, select "Search the shop" and type the name of item that you want to buy.

There is 2 type of searching,
Sale option is to find the item that was sold,
and Buy option is to find the item that someone's required.

To find an item, you have to type the exact item's name without any error,
otherwise the system will unable to show the correct result.

Remark: Some items have many similar names, such as items ending with Potion.
The load of data may cause the system unable to find any item you want.
Please use the specific item name, such as White Potion, Red Potion etc. for the better result.



  • If you not sure about item name, you can type some part of its then click "Search Exact" for searching similar item name.

Example: If you want to find any item that has "Ori" in their name,
you can type "Ori" and click "Search Exact",

the result will show every item name
and price that system can found in the database.

  • Check the coordinates of the stores that interest you by clicking on the Shop Name. Then, there will be a white + symbol in the Mini Map on the right side of the screen.


  • Walk to the white mark on the map. The system will display the name of the store in yellow. Then click to open the store and buy the item you want right away!

Be careful!, if you close the Seach of Vends window,
the white mark on the map will disappear,
we suggest you leave the Seach of Vends window open
and walk to the desired shop first.

  • If you want to promote your shop, select "Broadcast Service" (Service cost is 10,000 zeny per 1-time broadcasting)

  • Type the message you want to broadcast to the server. (Broadcast will show only at Prontera and have a cooldown for 1 hour.)


▪ Ragnarok Website :: https://roextreme.com/msp
▪ Download the game :: https://exe.in.th/msp-client-download
▪ Forums :: https://prontera.net/

▪ RO MSP Community :: https://tinyurl.com/ROMSPOfficialComm