Training Grounds Renovation III

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-01-29 18:00:00


   Road improvements, adjustments, and clear ups coming your way to have a quality and enjoyable gameplay!

  • First Class changing adjustment which limited only Novice class can participate.

In the condition of changing job class, you have to finish the requirement quest by following this step.

 1. Accept the quest from NPC, the quest will have a different requirement to hunt the different monster. Hunt the monsters following by the quest's requirement. (See also in the Quest section below)


 2. Hunt the monsters following by the quest's requirement. (See also in the Quest section below or You can check quest's detail by Alt + U, the quest window will appear)


 3. After finishing the quest, come back to the same NPC you've been accepted the quest and select Finished Quest. You will obtain 1 Newbie Ticket, 100 EXP and 300 Job EXP.


 4. Talk to the other 6 NPC to accept the quest and do the same process again, until you have all 7 Newbie Tickets.


 5. Bring 7 Newbie Tickets to the NPC you want to change your class with and select the job change option. Then, you will earn Rookie Weapon [7Days], Novice Weapon [Permanent] and the Starter pack items as a reward. (See also in the Reward section below)


 1. When choosing "Change Job" NPC will ask basic Math Quiz, if you answer correctly, you will receive rewards and changed to the job you want.
 However, if you answer is wrong for 3 times, 
NPC will not allow you to leave Training Ground and your character will not be able to progress anything.

  2. You can change the job class only when you acquire 7 tickets from NPC of each job. If you don't acquire all 7 tickets and choose "Change Job", NPC still asks you basic math questions. If your answer is wrong in this situation 3 times,
the character will unable to progress anything.



  For players who want to leave
  Training Ground as Novice, you need
  to do all 7 quests like other job.

  After that, please go to
  NPC Expanded Master and choose
  "I want to go to the town",
  this NPC will send you to Prontera 
  without changing a Job.

  You will still get Starter Pack item
  but will not able to get the Rental and
  Novice Weapon.


Newbie Ticket
Newbie Ticket cannot be traded or placed
in the inventory but can be sold to NPC.

1. Rookie Weapon [7 Days]
   Rookie Weapon cannot be traded or placed in the inventory. If the item expired, it will disappear.

  Swordman   Mage  
  Thief   Merchant  
  Archer   Acolyte  

2. Novice Weapon [Permanent]
These items can only be placed in inventory and sold to NPC but cannot be traded.

3. Starter Pack Item

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