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Transmutation Quest

VALHALLA NEWS 2019-08-13 11:26:27

 Transmutation Quest 
 A step-by-step guide in attaining the Scroll of Unknown by transmuting all six birthstones 

Description   Collecting all 6 birthstones and exchanging it for a reward
Reward   Scroll of Unknown
Requirement   Check the guide below
                     Talk to NPC Gus (Geffen 118, 103 ) and click "Accept Quest"

Gus is the NPC with a hoodie and thorns

There are two levels in the quest, level 50-74 and the other is for 75-99.
Players need to finish the 1st - 4th hunt to receive the birthstone which is required
to be given to NPC Gus to exchange for the "Scroll of Unknown".


 Tier 1:    Level 50-74   The monster and loot would be the ff:

                     1st Hunt
Kill Sandman (50 ea) and Collect Grit (50 ea)
                     Kill Marduk (50 ea) and Collect Cultish Masque (50 ea)
                     Kill Alarm (50 ea) and Collect Needle of Alarm (50 ea)

                     2nd Hunt
Kill Nightmare (50 ea) and Collect Horseshoe (50 ea)
                     Kill Zombie Prisoner (50 ea) and Collect Worn-out Prison Uniform (50 ea)
                     Kill Demon Pungus (50 ea) and Collect Bacillus (50 ea)

                     3rd Hunt
Kill Merman (50 ea) and Collect Ancient Lips (50 ea)
                     Kill Knocker (50 ea) and Collect Elder Pixie's Moustache (50 ea)
                     Kill Freezer (50 ea) and Collect Turtle Shell (50 ea)

                     4th Hunt
Kill Anolian (50 ea) and Collect Anolian Skin (50 ea)
                     Kill Seal (50 ea) and Collect Zargon (50 ea)
                     Kill Seeker (50 ea) and Collect Red Prickly Fruit (10 ea)

Red Birthstone (2 ea) (Tradeable)
Blue Birthstone (2 ea) (Tradeable)
Green Birthstone (2 ea) (Tradeable)

 Tier 2:    Level 75-99   The monster and loot would be the ff:

                     1st Hunt
                     Kill Gig (50 ea) and Collect Scorpion Claw (50 ea)
                     Kill Ice Titan (50 ea) and Collect Glacial Heart (50 ea)
                     Kill Byorgue (5 ea) and Collect Broken Sword (5 ea)

                     2nd Hunt
                     Kill Goat (50 ea) and Collect Antelope Horn (50 ea)
                     Kill Diabolic (20 ea) and Collect Little Evil Horn (20 ea)
                     Kill Skogul (50 ea) and Collect Rune of Darkness (25 ea)

                     3rd Hunt
                     Kill Medusa (50 ea) and Collect Horrendous Hair (50 ea)
                     Kill Ferus (green) (50 ea) and Collect Dragon Scale (50 ea)
                     Kill Acidus (gold) (50 ea) and Collect Dragon Canine (50 ea)

                     4th Hunt
                     Kill Dimik - Blue (50 ea) and Collect Used Iron Plate (50 ea)
                     Kill Salamander (10 ea) and Collect Burning Heart (10 ea)
                     Kill Kasa (10 ea) and Collect Burning Hair (10 ea)

White Birthstone (2 ea) (Tradeable)
Yellow Birthstone (2 ea)
Black Birthstone (2 ea) (Tradeable)

As you may have notice, you must need to be with another player (lower and higher level)
                     to trade the birthstones for you to complete all the 6 birthstones and exchange it to
Scroll of Unknown.
                     1 set of Birthstone can exchange to 8 ea Scroll of Unknown.

Chance to get a random item from this scroll

Alphonse Helm
Black City Life 
Long Hair


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