[Winners] Art Pop Contest

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2021-09-02 11:00:00

Hi there, adventurers

   It’s time to announce the winners of Art Pop Contest! First of all, we greatly appreciate all the hardworking artists who took the time to participate in this. There were a lot of incredible pieces of art entered into the contest. It was a blast going through all of the entries, and it proved difficult to pick just a handful of winners but the results are finally in! Let's check it out below. 


  • All winners must contact our team via Support Ticket to verify their information.
  • Please contact us to verify yourself within Sep 9, 2021 (Before the Maintenance)

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Please contact us to verify yourself
 within September 9, 2021 (Before the Maintenance)
Otherwise, we will randomly reward and option for those players.

  • Server
  • Character Name 
  • Item that you want (choose from reward list) Click


Cath Ganzon | Server: Valhalla

  We sworn to take lead in our lives. With a sword or an axe in hand, we will reclaim the throne and the Emperium! But in real life, we are also facing a struggle and protection is also our best attack. This is a piece that depicts a legendary battle between a Lord Knight and a Whitesmith. Hand sewn in metallic tulle and tightly woven cotton, this is embellished with beads and sequins, secured by leatherette and brass studs. This is the best representation of our fight in this trying times. And a memorable one, as well.

John Paul Bueno | Server: Yggdrasil

  This Killer Book is my take on the Ragnarok Online's Rideword monster. The over all look may give you quite a scare but in reality, this creation is made out of Chocolate Cake and Dark Chocolate Icing.

Alianah Yen | Server: Valhalla

 Inspired by the MVP Osiris


Kendrick Salting | Server: Valhalla

The Labyrinth Forest is a very scary place. Monsters are always lurking by the corner and a single mistake can cost you a token or a trip back to your save point.

Server Name
Yggdrasil Marian Dominique Aurora Maro Wilson De Los Reyes Joaquin Angelo Abana
Jan Ericko Malelang Alexander John Alejandrino Joseph Enderio Jr
Opus Dei Domingo Kris Xandra Yu
Jandave Mark Castillo Jay Sanchez  
Valhalla Jay varias Jo Ann Lopez Jan kristian Casil
Katreen Ayen Juju Colte Gabriel Cruz
Ivy Voon Bella Kiki Michael Loay
Kelly Tan Vincci Pan George Addam Macapagal
Kristine Tan Poon Kah Hou shuu shuu
Aurora Lee Arnold John S. Argarin Rodolfo Trinidad Jr
Kevin Co Fong Shukling Hanif Sky
Kah Hou Poon Chee Quan Choi Asahi

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