[Winners] Dodgebomb and Hide&Seek | April 16-19, 2020

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2020-04-23 08:00:00

 Congratulations to all winners from our
"Dodge Bomb and Hide&Seek" events
from April 16 - April 19, 2020.

Is your name on the list? Check it out below.
The items will be given to your account within today,
please check your RODEX to redeem the rewards!


Dodge Bomb Winners

One character can win the reward only one time during the event period.
April 16,
Character Name (IGN)
Yggdrasil Shinnok `Izanami stragidex *GeLo*
Papa.Bear `Pandemic ~*Rebisco Daniela`Mondragon
UraharaKisuke Jenr*c .Lamas. Lyraaa
Valhalla `Swash_PH DesZK_MY TB-Alice_PH xRa'salGhul
Jeorgen BoyAngas_PH Tarasque -[eXc]-HuanYue
xDusan'alGhul Heimbox_PH Smiley11_PH LifeX_PH
April 18,
Character Name (IGN)
Yggdrasil Malutong Jenr*c Rajulaju999 Minli`
Dartanus SaversMart 24thBaamm Dark`illu
`Hertz- I'mMe Pinsan~Kambing  
Valhalla RASREL~ Phewphew! '+Truth+_MY adik
Yuki-Onna_PH `Trux- DonnieYen Kazan_PH
[SHIT]Yuan¤¤¤¤¤_PH malaya BabyBossBoss  
April 19,
Character Name (IGN)
Yggdrasil Ah~Lejandro Sogeking Rakshasa- stragidex
Minli` DiamondCPT Jenric DOME-Sbozahaha+
WhiteHealer ticktickboom -Vash- bebeko
Valhalla °NightKing° Esperanza '×Ñanel×_PH Relish_The_Moment
xSalsalUten~ Payaman` Tsk~* LinFeng_PH
Fruit -Derieri- /\/ewBie  
Hide & Seek Winners

One character can win the reward only one time during the event period.
April 17,
Character Name (IGN)
Yggdrasil CashMe Gehenna` °Moonschool P_R_O_N_T_E_R_A
Ms.aLLsunday. ShalItear is.ti.di SuperClairee
Margo MasterKaede  
Valhalla PandaZaii ©®ëëpë® Makatas_LO_PH ~Yomi
|PetWussy|_TH_PH `FierySoul_PH KCSan Evra
GuaiLanK!a_MY KaraZor-El_MY `Jeth~_PH  

The events are not over! Here are the special events
that will occur throughout this April. Check the date, go in-game, and enjoy!
Find out more: https://roextreme.com/msp/news/april-feel-special-events
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