[Winners] Loading Screen Contest SS3

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2021-01-08 14:30:00

Hi there, adventurers

   It’s time to announce the winners of the ROMSP Loading Screen Season 3 contest! First of all, we greatly appreciate all the hardworking artists who took the time to participate in this. There were a lot of incredible pieces of art entered into the contest. It was a blast going through all of the entries, and it proved difficult to pick just a handful of winners but the results are finally in! Let's check it out below. 

Lim Kei Li | Server: Valhalla

  " 5...4...3!! 2!!! 1!!!!
It is the most important time meant to be spent with friends.
Let's bring the happiness forward and leave the sadness behind. 
Wish you all the best in 2021! "


Cath Ganzon | Server: Valhalla

   " This illustrates our intertwining cultures during new year's eve; from dancing commenced by the Brasilians, to the architecture and food of Amatsu, to the Dewatans and Louyangese appreciating the lighting up of the skies. All this while basking under the great full moon and the blossoming cherry trees. This proves the joy and unity of different nations(both in-game representatives and in real life) through closing the distance between us, even in these trying times. Together, we make a step forward in marking a new beginning and bringing the celebration and smiles back to our homes. "


Regina Echavez | Server: Valhalla

  " In PORT MALAYA (Philippines) where every day is a celebration, we come to enjoy the shindig of transcendental proportions celebrated on the night before the dawn of the new year.
   Being the ultimate festival of the year, everything is celebrated in the most extravagant way possible. From the brilliant lights of the local sky rocket “kwitis” to the resounding explosion of the highly controversial atomic triangle “super lolo”.

  Joined by the musical sounds of the local blow-horn “torotot”, local cymbals called “pompiyang” made up of the regions deep saucepan lid and the non-conventional yet traditional peco peco ride with cooking utensils tied behind its back for the sole purpose of making noise which is believed to be for the purpose of clearing the air free from bad spirits for the upcoming year. Also, don't forget to wear some polka dots to attract more zenies! 

  If you are the simple yet elegant type of celebrator, the most extravagant delicacies by the likes of the world-renowned roasted baby pig called “Lechon” and the different tastes of the 12 rounded-shaped fruits for goodluck may be savoured without any restrictions.
Come one, come all and experience the best New Year’s festival in Midgard. "


Edward Echavez | Server: Valhalla

   " Let the BRAND NEW YEAR begin at PORT MALAYA where everyone from all regions of (midgard) gather together and simply drop everything whether you be a knight on guard, or a sniper on the hunt for game. Everyone is welcome here to stay. 

On the dawn of the new year, PORT MALAYA celebrates the grandest of all festivities where while we wait for the struck of midnight; you can eat to your heart’s (stomach’s) content for free, whether it be your place or at your neighbor’s house, collect the “sacred” 12 round fruits for the new year, berries’ counts as only one kind of fruit each (no cheating), achieve firecracker mastery level for one night, and last but not the least, for everyone to jump for joy on the struck of midnight.

Legend has it that when you jump at exactly 12 midnight, there is a chance that you may grow at least an inch taller for the following year. "


Aaron Jan Baldomar | Server: Valhalla

Cibai | Server: Valhalla

Elaine Jay Arab | Server: Valhalla

Gabrielle Cuevas | Server: Valhalla

George Addam Macapagal | Server: Valhalla


glenn quisquino | Server: Valhalla

Jarryld Mulano | Server: Valhalla


Jay Cedro | Server: Valhalla


Jaycee Flores | Server: Valhalla


Jerick Pomantoc | Server: Valhalla


Joel Villegas | Server: Valhalla


Jose Tecson | Server: Valhalla


lee kok leong | Server: Valhalla


MC Angel | Server: Valhalla


Nurzain Laput | Server: Valhalla


Christopher John Puerta | Server: Yggdrasil


Er John Hontiveros | Server: Yggdrasil


Jan Ericko Malelang | Server: Yggdrasil


Kevin Michael Rivera | Server: Yggdrasil


Lim Win Lik | Server: Yggdrasil


Micole Ocampo | Server: Yggdrasil


Robin V. Espina | Server: Yggdrasil


Rowell Gallo | Server: Yggdrasil


Vhea Antonette Estimadora | Server: Yggdrasil


Yancy Millet | Server: Yggdrasil


The prize will be given to all winner's account today
so check your RODEX to redeem the rewards!

   Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to the
ROMSP Loading Screen Contest Season 3 - we're so excited to have your design
to show off in-game, and incredibly impressed by our talented community.

Amazing work everyone! See you again at the next contest!

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