[Winners] Loading Screen Contest SS5

ALL SERVERS NOTICE 2021-07-01 08:00:00

Hi there, adventurers

   It’s time to announce the winners of the ROMSP Loading Screen Season 5 contest! First of all, we greatly appreciate all the hardworking artists who took the time to participate in this. There were a lot of incredible pieces of art entered into the contest. It was a blast going through all of the entries, and it proved difficult to pick just a handful of winners but the results are finally in! Let's check it out below. 



  • All winners must contact our team via Support Ticket to verify their information.
  • Please contact us to verify yourself within July 7, 2021 (Before the Maintenance)

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Please contact us to verify yourself
 within July 7, 2021 (Before the Maintenance)
Otherwise, we will randomly reward and option for those players.

  • Server
  • Character Name 
  • Item that you want (choose from reward list)


Cath Ganzon | Server: Valhalla

  Spend the evening and watch the beautiful sunset together after a day of a bountiful harvest! Be an Orcish guest and indulge in their specialty meals! From smoking roast meat to scrumptious fresh fruits(and a ginger ale to match!), we celebrate an outdoor feast with our dear brothers and sisters, humans and beasts. Families that may come from different worlds embrace each other to find ourselves a home, and a delicious plate to share with.


Regina Echavez | Server: Valhalla

   As the day ends, the whole party dines in after a tiring treasure and boss hunting. Every member is having fun talking about who got the better loots or who fumbled with their weapons. After a couple of drinks and stories, the friends set up another hunt on another day and promises each other to feast together just like a family would be.


Edward Echavez | Server: Valhalla

  Nothing beats a good family dinner with friends joining in with their homemade desserts or pastries. It's the same as putting the icing on the cake- it makes the meal and bonding more delightful. Sharing family love with other friends is the same as expanding the family tree. It teaches the kids that family is not only bounded thru blood but with great friendship as well. 


Keith Cervantes | Server: Valhalla

  Dinner After WOE
Guild members as family!
Having a feast of dinner with my family pampering ourselves after a successful WOE
every week! Guild leader taking the task as chef to cook for all of us!"


Server Name
Yggdrasil Carlo Amplayo Jannalyn Cruz Robin Locksley C. Pableo
Vhea Antonette A.Estimadora Nikko Zorilla Ariel Quirona
Teri Bernardo John Errold De Celis Lim Win Lik
Lim Win Keong Kevin Aguas Rommel Tejario
Alfredo Flores Jay Strafe Jason Mapa
Jerald Jamir Kert Jason Maxwell Karlo Katigbak
Bernadett Maricuelo    
Valhalla Cibai Lee Ivy Voon George Addam Macapagal
Jed Benipayo Fong Shuk Ling Acedel Uyvico
Eddy Gan Gabriel Cruz Tim Guingona
Kriss Ngo Carl Aivane Rivera Aaron Jan M. Baldomar
Gabrielle Cuevas Karen Pong Elijah Villena
Paulo Adrian H. Dela Cruz Warren Chan Joel Villegas
Charles C. Estrada Alexandria LoureeBel Arguelles
Srefanie Dwrvin Monaliza Chan Pableo Leop Charmaine Lee
Rydan Ador Jaycee Flores Glenn Quisquino
Cellyn Tan Jai Usman  
   Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to the
ROMSP Loading Screen Contest Season 5 - we're so excited to have your design
to show off in-game, and incredibly impressed by our talented community.

Amazing work everyone! See you again at the next contest!

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