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Dungeon Spotlight: Glast Heim

events 2018-07-31 13:38:54

To all citizens of Midgard,

It has come to our attention that the monster population in Glast Heim has been increasing due to a lack of brave adventurers venturing into this dreaded place. Hence, the monsters are now emboldened and attacking nearby villages.

To improve the situation, we are increasing the EXP rate for selected monsters in Glast Heim to encourage more players to wipe out the monsters there.

Be strong and stay brave! May the loot gods be with you!


Event start: 1 August 2018, Wednesday, after server maintenance

Event end: 14 August 2018, Tuesday, 10:00 AM before server maintenance

Details: The following monsters in Glast Heim have increased normal and job EXP by 50% during the event period. MVP is not included.