Ragnarok Customer Support

Patch Notes for 13 March 2019

Patch 2019-03-12 09:56:03

  • Cash Shop Update
    Added in Cash Shop:
    Scroll of Galanthus - 400 KP

    Scroll of Odin Mask - 400 KP

  • Fix Alt + U text
    Fix Quest List appearance to English Version (Alt + U)

  • Fix Buff Detail Duration Bug
    Fix Bug not showing the Buff Detail Duration Bug
    Press Alt+Y and click "On" to show /stateinfo

    If it is in "Off" = It will not show, "On" = It will show/appear

  • Known Issue
    Missing airport exit warp portal will be fixed in our maintenance next week.
    For Einbroch Airport and Lighthalzen Airport, please use Kafra Teleport Service from Kafra Employee (Yuno 152 186) instead.