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Patch Notes for 7 February 2019

Patch 2019-02-07 06:57:03

Good day to all heroes of Ragnarok Online MYSG!

Here are some of the changes and updates which took place during the server maintenance on 7 February 2019

New Quest

Update New Hairstyle quest at Lighthalzen
Update New Hairstyle in Morocc NPC : Stylist

Here's the link to the guide

Removed X-mas Theme

Removed X-mas Theme from Hugel Town

Fixed Soul Linker Kaite skill description

Added this line:
However it also increases physical damage taken by 400%

Fixed image of items

• Detardeurus Card
• Memory of Thanatos Card
• Randgris Card
• Sweet Rice

Fixed Quest

• Fix Continuing from Either Path Quest Bug

Extended Quest Duration

• Extended Baphomet Orb Quest until Feb 13