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Prontera Established [Quest]

events 2018-07-25 04:32:44

Prontera Established [Quest]

   It’s the anniversary of Established! Special mission is begin get chance to receive rare costume item with EXP as a reward join in this celebration starting from today until 22 August 2018

Event Details 

  • Start : July 25, 2018 (After the Maintenance)
  • End : August 22, 2018 (Before the Maintenance)

Event Conditions

  • 1 character can do the quest unlimitedly within event period but need to wait for 2 hours after the quest is finished (Quest will reset every 2 hours)
  • The progress of the quest can always be viewed on the Quest Tab (Alt+U)

How to do

  • Starting at Prontera location 160,329, talking to NPC Kwangmin


  • Talking and choose to receive quest, you will get one of the three missions randomly

You will get 1 from 3 mission randomly from NPC which has detailed below

  • Mission 1 Hunting Monster : talking to NPC Hyerin at Comodo location 218,295


  • You will get mission to defeat one from three kind of monster as below
Mission 1  (Defeat Monster) get one from the three below randomly

Defeat 50 Kobold Archer

Defeat 50 Mummy
Defeat  50 Minorous


  • Mission 2 Answering Question : talking to NPC Juri at Alberta location 150,82  you will get one list of question from 3 lists.


  • Mission 3 Delivering item : talking to  NPC Rina at Al De Baran location 176,69


  • She will ask you to deliver Sugar Box to NPC Kurry Express (random 1 from 3 place) and require 45 zeny
Mission 3  (delivery ) Random NPC Kurry Express as below

     Kurry Express
Archer Village at  Payon location 40,126

Kurry Express
Alberta location 43,47

Kurry Express
Morroc Ruins location 55,155


  • After finishing quest, come back to talk to NPC at Prontera Location 160,329 and will get Exp and Job Exp for 50,000 / and randomly get 1 of item below


After finishing the quest, player will get Exp and Job Exp for 50,000 /
Get one of item from the list below randomly

* randomly get one of item from the list below *