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[Quest] Rachel Sanctuary Part 2

News 2019-03-04 06:15:30

Rachel Sanctuary Part 2

(Guideline NPC Zhed and Pope location in Rachel Sanctuary)

1. Go to the Rachel Sanctuary (ra_temin 276, 160) and talk with NPC High Priest Zhed.
While speaking to him, choose "Yes, sure" and he will assign you go to meet NPC Pope.
Prepare 40 ea of Glacial Heart to give to Pope Official Guard.

2. Meet Pope’s Official Guard (ra_temin 134, 128) and give Glacial Heart 40 ea to him.
He will now allow you enter the portal to meet NPC Pope.

3. Enter the portal near "Official Guard" and head straight to find NPC Pope.

4. Speak with NPC Pope and type the words that you need to tell her.

5. After speaking with Pope, head on back to NPC High Priest Zhed. While you talk to High Priest Zhed, High Priestess Niren will send you to the next room.

6. Investigate and walk around the wall to hear the conversation that they are having.

6. After the conversation ends, talk with NPC High Priest Zhed again. Once you have spoken with him, walk out of the room (ra_temin 273, 13 )
and you will get a pop-up dialog about finding a shining object

8. Go to the stairs and enter Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon. Choose “Use Small Key” to gain entry.

9. Walk down straight and enter the next map. As you are walking, you will be receiving a pop-up dialog along the way.
Walk straight up until you find NPC High Priestess Niren and chat with her.

10. Turn back to meet NPC High Priest Zhed and receive rewards: Base EXP 90,000 and Job EXP 120,000. After this you can access Rachel Sanctuary Dungeon freely.